"How will my order be delivered?" 

The majority of our orders are delivered by USPS. DHL and FedEx also handle a number of our orders that are passed off to USPS for final delivery. Expedited orders are handled by DHL and FedEx.


"do you ship internationally?"

For sure! Allow 10-20 days for shipping. If you have issues receiving your package please check with your local mail carrier first, there may be customs fees/duties for imported goods. 



    "when will i get my shit?!"

    All orders are processed in 1-3 days and shipping can take 3-5 days. If you placed your order yesterday take a chill pill, It will be there soon <3 


    "How do I exchange/return my order?" 

    Experiencing buyers remorse and pothead forgiveness? Bummmerrrr! All sales are final, if you receive the wrong item or it's damaged contact us and return it within 7 days of receiving and we will exchange or refund your order. 


    "can i get my band sponsored, dude!?" 

    Nah. But feel free to send us awesome shit that you do. Maybe we'll send you a care package. We do send care packages from time to time at our own discretion.


    "how do i become a no idols model or photographer?"

    Send us your portfolio OVER HERE << click/tap that


    "can i design for no idols?"

    We're an in house operation, we do it all ourself. You're welcome to send your portfolio and maybe we'll come knocking!